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Our Services

Outsourced Marketing to create YOUR own VIBE 

With our wide range of marketing services and expert advise and support,
we'll engage, connect, touch and enthuse consumers in both the online/digital and in the real world...


Integrated & Sales Strategies Marketing

Results You'll Love

Integrated marketing is creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with your business or brand. It's the holistic approach to marketing communications across all platforms. We'll blend all aspects of marketing so they work harmoniously providing consistency, value, clarity and impact to your customers.

We'll provide comprehensive plans and evaluate your business and customer profiles,
so we can reinforce your key messages by engaging, connecting, promoting, selling, informing and servicing to provide the best possible customer experience.


Integrated Sales & Marketing incorporates all services Chose offers, these will be defined and personalised specifically for your business, brand or service.

Our services include:

Field Marketing & Experiential Campaigns

 Online Marketing

Offline Marketing

Integrated & Sales Strategies

Field Marketing & Experiential Campaigns

Touch your Customers

People buy from people, this way of selling has worked for centuries and is more powerful than ever in such a digital or cyber society. Field Marketing and Experiential allows consumers to touch, feel, try and engage with your brand. So whether having a friendly, experienced face at the point of purchase to promote and share thoughts on your product, to effective in-store displays, event support or a traditional field sales team to create leads, drive engagement, connect with businesses or retailers to train and sell your products and services either B2B or B2C.

Our services include 

 In-store demonstrations

Merchandising & Auditing

Market Research & Mystery Shopping

Field Sales/Strategic Teams

Direct Selling


Field Marketing
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All things Digital (Online) Marketing

The Perfect You Online

We connect with the world digitally from the moment we wake up, during work time and during social hours. It is a part of all of our lives and the digital landscape is constantly growing and evolving. We recognise that brands and businesses need to remain consistent, relevant, understood as personable across all digital channels or platforms. You have to be the best you online, show your personality and be unique in order to gain trust, loyalty and brand advocacy. Your customer experience should be your number one priority to drive sales and growth for your business and brand. Chose will create and deliver the best online you...


Our services include 

Social Media Marketing

 Content Marketing

Email Marketing

SEO/Organic Search

Web Management

Paid Advertising PPC

Digtal Marketing

Traditional (Offline) Marketing

An Impact Guaranteed

Traditional Marketing or marketing pre-social media still has it's place and is extremely valuable, especially as we know generation Z love the ability to touch, feel and engage.

The beauty of offline marketing is that it will allow you to stand out, as well compliment and enhance your digital/online strategy. Offline marketing is so versatile whether  you require networking support, lead generation/telesales, print advertising or innovative marketing collateral. At Chose we can create, schedule and deliver solutions which will put your brand or business in the forefront of  customers minds.

Our services include 

•  Networking

•  Mail Marketing

•  POS Design/Marketing Collateral

•  Lead Generation/Telesales

•  Print Advertising

•  Event Support/Trade Shows

•  Field Marketing & Experiential

Traditional Marketing


We're ready!

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