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Our Story

What you'll like about CHOSE!

Chose Marketing has been created with a desire to provide quality personalised marketing services in order for your business to stay ahead. We believe in creating inspired solutions uniquely appropriate for each client we work with.

We love growing brands, products and services. We have creative marketing skills, passion and experience to benefit your business. Our approach involves listening, learning and living your brand, to add value, understand your strategy and who your customers are.  This enables us to show the best you to consumers every time they connect, engage or touch your brand. We provide custom-made integrated solutions with the correct messaging in the right place at the right time and with the right audience.

The story behind CHOSE

Like most, I saw setting up my own agency as a dream, yet whilst dreaming I realised I could actually do this. It was such a rush of excitement and I knew how it would positively impact all those closest to me.

I've always been so very lucky, my life is full of many amazing people -  both family, friends and from a business perspective (some of which have become friends for life). After "sounding" some of them out I knew straight away from their reaction, it was the right decision. Since then I've had so much encouragement, support, wisdom, kindness and inspiration It's been truly overwhelming.


So CHOSE is no longer a dream, it's our reality.

I'm a great believer in "Life being a big adventure" and I want my sons to see first hand you can achieve anything if you're determined, focused, kind and have a great support team around you.  So, we did it... we chose to do something new.  We were on our annual summer getaway and as the waves crashed on the beach and we watched our boys playing in the sea, the gorgeous "hubby" and I set about naming "Chose" (It's the initials of our little family) and building our exciting business plans....bliss

Our CHOSE life lines we love to live by….

We see your customers as invited guests, you're the host and we're the entertainment

Know, understand and like your customers, they'll show their appreciation in loyalty

Everyone should be unique and be authentic, it frees your soul and engages your customers


We're ready!

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